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The Lishu Institute program provides learners with an in-depth study of the Bön tradition. The curriculum consists of the three main texts of the Bön tradition: The 9 Ways of Bön, Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud (The Oral Transmission from Zhang Zhung), and Ma Gyu (The Mother Tantra) as well as Tibetan language, Tibetan yoga and practice/meditation.

Lishu Institute’s teachers are extremely qualified masters. More information about them.

Residential Program: Students relocate to the Lishu Institute campus located in North India (click here for the exact location). Students follow a full-time program, are free from distractions and can take full advantage of the Lishu Institute campus, which is in a prime location with all the attributes that make it conducive to study and practice including clean, fresh air, gorgeous panoramic views of the Dehradun valley and the Shivalik mountain range, to name a few. Students are provided with room and board, and three meals per day.

Flexibility: Courses will be offered in 2.5-month blocks, which can be taken consecutively or not. For example, a student may elect to attend one 2.5-month block per year over a period of 6-9 years, after which he/she would have completed the full program. Students will benefit from the possibility to take as many 2.5-month blocks as they can per year, depending on their personal circumstances. The ideal choice is to take consecutive blocks of the Residential Program until completion, but since many people have limitations of several kinds which prevent them from undertaking that sort of schedule, students may design their program as they see fit.

One of the Lishu Institute’s main goals is to develop future leaders and teachers to preserve and spread the Bön tradition in the West.

General Requirements: Students must be mentally and physically fit. Students should not have any mental or physical illnesses which would interfere with their study, practice or interaction with teachers and fellow students.

Specific Requirements: Students must relocate to Lishu Institute at their own cost.

Scholarship programs will be administered by local Sanghas. Applying to the Lishu Institute and applying for a scholarship are two separate processes. Interested practitioners who demonstrate a financial need must first apply for admission to the Lishu Institute and after being accepted, must apply for a scholarship with their local Sangha.



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Lishu Institute

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